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Exhibitions, conferences, delegations, certificates, new products, running tests, implementation of block-chain technology, the start of building the Innovation Center in the UAE — the year 2018 was intense and eventful.
Kiryl Badulin, Head of the Business Development Department, made a presentation at the conference of the Thailand Investment Forum.
All processes go on in one space: project designing, inserting corrections, calculations, and much more can now be done in one place.
To increase the competitiveness of the project, we have implemented elements of Industry 4.0 in design offices and at the production facilities. The team of specialists of our company worked on the transition to the 3DExperience system from Dassault Systemes for six months.

This multi-cross engineering and design program allowed us to create and make adjustments to engineering projects consistently and rapidly, prepare the technical documentation necessary for their launch into production that accelerated and simplified the work of many specialists; all of it on the basis of a single platform.
In January, the news service published a video from the XI international exhibition "Transport of Russia", which was held from 6 to 8 December 2017 in Moscow.

Our stand was visited by high-ranking guests, including Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Minister of Transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan Zhamshitbek Kalilov.

In February, we had two important news
We came to the need to introduce blockchain technology. This is due to the fact that the development of a network of string roads implies the creation of a unified transport and information system in which huge amounts of data that need protection and storage will be transmitted on an ongoing basis.

Australian partner Rod Hook came to visit us. His last visit took place in March last year, when he accompanied representatives of the National Australian Railway Safety Agency. This time the purpose of the trip was a report on the work done and a discussion of the nearest plans.

In the process of creating the cargo route at EcoTechnoPark, various tests and improvements were carried out. So, in March, acceptance work was carried out to launch unitruck, the transport module of the cargo complex.
Presentation of the certificate to the General Director – Nadezhda Kosareva.
We have received a certificate confirming the compliance of the quality management system applied in the Company with the requirements of the International standard ISO 9001:2015, as well as the National standard of Belarus STB ISO 9001−2015.

SkyWay Technologies Co. became one of the first entities in Belarus to have this certificate. Its obtaining was preceded by a serious, painstaking work, which lasted above a year.

The certificate was handed over by the Director of the Belarusian representative office of the certification agency "TÜV Thüringen" Marina Kondral and Nikolai Kusakin, senior auditor of "TÜV Thüringen" corporation.
Railway Tech Indonesia 2018

On March 22−24, SkyWay technology was presented at the International exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The SkyWay exhibition stand attracted great attention from representatives of the international business community and became one of the most visited among the participants. The exposition presented by us together with Indonesian partners demonstrated the possibilities of flexible integration of SkyWay technologies into the city and port infrastructure.
And in March we also:
From 12 to 14 March, we hosted a delegation from Almaty, Kazakhstan. It included interested in cooperation representatives of State bodies and private enterprises.

After that, on March 14−15, we talked to a representative delegation of political and business circles from San Marino and Italy, led by State Secretary of the Republic of San Marino, Minister of Territory, Environment and Tourism Augusto Michelotti.

And we joined the International Union of Public Transport UITP, cooperation with which provides for transport companies an access to qualified expert examination in the field of public transport.

We have presented the concept of a new mounted self-propelled double-rail vehicle of a cargo complex — unicont, model U4−192, designed for haulage of sea containers of 20 and 40 feet long.

Unicont will be designed specifically for the purpose of cargo transportation with the help of containers adapted to the requirements of major and actively developing economies of the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

Important events in the field of international development of SkyWay project allowed the management of the Group of Companies to decide on transition from the 10th to the 12th stage right away.

The transition to the 12th stage was carried out on April 25, 2018.
Future Cities Show 2018 in Dubai, UAE
SkyWay project designing organization took part in the 2nd International exhibition Future Cities Show 2018, which was held from 9 to 11 April 2018 in Dubai.

The central theme of this year was transport technologies and infrastructure projects that can change the image of modern cities and ensure their sustainable development in the future. Future Cities Show 2018 is one of the largest events in the world of innovations and modern technologies.
SkyWay at the exhibition "Made in Belarus" in Kiev.
And have we presented a model of SkyWay transport system in 1:10 scale at the exhibition "Made in Belarus" in Kiev.

During the presentation, Kiryl Badulin stressed that for Kiev string transport would become the best solution. And this is due to the fact that the city administration was at that time considering the possibility of introducing a cable way, not taking into account that the string transport surpasses it in a number of important parameters.

The pavilion focused on string technologies was visited by a large number of interested guests, including the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Kizim, Counselor of the Belarusian Embassy in Ukraine Alexander Gavrish, as well as representatives of local media — TV channels and print media.

At the end of April, a delegation from Yekaterinburg headed by Evgeny Arkhipov, Deputy Head of the City Improvement Administration, came to examine the string technology.
Many significant events took place in May
EcoTechnoPark was visited by guests from Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Belgium, Hungary, Poland and Austria.

We have confirmed the compliance of the monorail unibus with technical regulations of the Customs Union.

We have conducted tests of traction modules for UR-220 double-rail unibus.

We have filed a petition for the introduction of string transport in the Law "On Road Traffic". Anatoli Yunitski petitioned for the introduction of provisions on transport of the "second" level in the law, in particular, on unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels moving along a special string-rail overpass.

We visited the exhibition of products and technologies for urban electric transport and metro "ElectroTrans 2018" in Moscow.

Tests with unicar at EcoTechnoPark
In June, EcoTechnoPark continued work on testing new SkyWay rolling stock models, namely, a three-section unicar was prepared for performance trials on the track structure.

Upon completion of start-up and adjustment work, a new industrial model of SkyWay rolling stock began running tests on the truss section of the urban route.

Unicar is a model of public transport, each section of which is equipped with seats for six passengers. The number of its sections can be increased depending on the intensity of passenger traffic. Unicar was presented for the first time in October 2017 at the exhibition "Transport and Logistics" in Minsk.

We have created a test bench on which we began to determine limit states of structural elements by reproducing external impacts under laboratory conditions corresponding to the conditions of typical operation of string transport, including cyclic loading and functioning of elements.

From July 2 to July 3, 2018, the forum of mayors of cities of the Silk Road countries "Global Silk Road" took place in Astana (Kazakhstan). We took part in it. The participants were also mayors, governors of the Silk Road countries, leading experts, business leaders, TNCs, representatives of world media, development institutions and public organizations.

The forum program included more than 20 events of various formats, including a plenary session, a round table of the mayors of Silk Road countries, block-chain conference and others. The main theme of the event is smart technologies and intelligent systems that can give additional impetus to the qualitative growth of modern megacities.

Unibus U4-220-T2 is intended for passenger transportation along urban and suburban routes along a double-rail track with a continuous roundabout traffic.
Acceptance testing of U4−220-T2 double-rail unibus continued on the territory of EcoTechnoPark, during which experts determined the compliance of the vehicle’s technical features with the calculated parameters.

Its total capacity is 48 people. It consists of two transportation modules. The passenger traffic is up to 170,000 passengers per hour. The maximum design speed is 150 km/h.
3rd International Transport Congress in Singapore
We participated in the 3rd International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) in Singapore. The event was organized by the Singapore’s Ground Transportation Authority (LTA) and the International Union of Public Transport (UITP). The event was attended by about 100 exhibitors from 25 countries.

SkyWay booth was visited by Singapore’s Minister of Transport, representatives of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where the innovative megacity Amaravati is being built, as well as members of the Bahrain Government, delegates from the ASEAN Development Fund (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and officials from private companies of South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.
In addition, July was full of guests from different countries
Just within a couple of weeks EcoTechnoPark was visited by several delegations from the United Arab Emirates. The last were representatives of business circles of the Gulf countries and the American University in Sharjah. A series of visits by Arab partners is part of SkyWay international development strategy.

On July 24, Mrs. Sangita Bahadur, new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Belarus, visited EcoTechnoPark. Mrs. Bahadur, who had recently taken office, visited SkyWay demonstration site among her first visits to develop Belarusian-Indian economic relations.

EcoTechnoPark was also visited by representatives of the Nueva Lima project from Peru led by Claudio Alejandro Zolla Suarez. The objective of the project is to create an ecological and technological city that meets modern requirements 120 kilometers from the Peruvian capital. String transport is treated as part of the project.

The last summer month was marked by the presentation of three new SkyWay transport modules and an event unprecedented by scale for 5,000 people.
Lightweight monorail suspended module of small capacity, for urban and suburban lines with a flexible track structure.
Social electric automobile for people with physical disabilities. It controlled without leaving a wheelchair.
Cargo complex with two structures on its overpass: a belt conveyor (unitrans) and cargo modules (unitruck).
EcoFest is an annual event where investors and partners interested in string transport gather from all over the world, and we report to them about the work done during the year and tell about upcoming plans.

The main objective of this event is to demonstrate the possibilities of harmonious neighborhood of technology and nature. After all, SkyWay string transport is being created as part of an innovative approach to passenger and cargo transportation based on efficiency, sustainability and high effectiveness.

This year, about 45 thousand people watched EcoFest: 5 thousand guests visited EcoTechnoPark personally, more than 40 thousand watched the event online and 2,000 people took a ride in our transport modules. The most massive test drive in the history of EcoTechnoPark!


We have presented a new high-speed unibus at the exhibition Innotrans 2018 in Berlin.
Innotrans 2018
A high-speed unibus, one of the new transport modules of SkyWay string transport, was presented to the public for the first time at the International transport exhibition Innotrans 2018, which was held at the Messe Berlin exhibition center in Berlin from 18 to 21 September.

The novelty is a six-seater high-speed transport module with unique aerodynamic characteristics close to the theoretical limit: the aerodynamic drag factor is Cx = 0.06. Estimated speed of movement — 500 km/h with the energy consumption in fuel equivalent equal to 0.93 kg/100 passengers/km.
For the first time you can drive the car while in a wheelchair, where a person will be able to ride into the cabin through a special door.
And at the specialized exhibition "InvaExpo. Society for All", which took place on September 12−14 on the territory of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, we presented another novelty: an electric vehicle for people with disabilities that has no analogues in the world.

The novelty was named unimobile and was announced at EcoFest 2018. But the industrial design was presented at this exhibition.

The design of unimobile is worked out to eliminate the obstacles in mobility that are usually characteristic for converted standard models. The novelty is hardly similar to any of the cars existing today. This is due to the fact that all its parameters, from the length of the body to rear-hinged doors so unusual for domestic motorists, that are caused by specific needs of people with limited mobility.

Two important events of October
"Zero Kilometer" sign was laid three years ago, which was the first step towards creating a fundamentally new network of safe, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly routes.

Since then, we have passed a long way — EcoTechnoPark was put into operation, production facility was created and completed, the first samples of transport passed certification.

What seemed so distant just three years ago is today brought to life, despite all the difficulties and obstacles that faced the project.
We have made a breakthrough in the transport sector and got the opportunity to move over to a new phase of development. In order to create a global system for the production of "green" energy and environmentally friendly transport and infrastructure complex TransNet, the management of the Group of Companies decided to issue tokens.

SkyWay tokens will be introduced into free circulation simultaneously with the start of operation of our own blockchain platform. It is intended to become the basis of a system for data collection, management and settlements within the global energy and transport network being created. Comprehensive development of the TransNet network will provide capitalization of tokens, and their owners will be able to receive income from projects implemented using SkyWay string transport.

As in other months, there were many meetings in November
The top managers of the Russian representative office of the company Dassault Systemes, whose 3DEXPERIENCE platform we use, have arrived. During the business meeting we discussed issues of technologies Industry 4.0, including in the framework of Middle Eastern projects.

We were visited by representatives of the Japanese TV company TV TOKYO Corporation. They came for the purpose of a detailed study of SkyWay technology. Their first contact with it was at the International transport exhibition Innotrans 2018 in Berlin.

Dmitry Afanasyev, General Director of the Autonomous non-commercial organization "United Information Center of socially responsible organizations and conscientious entrepreneurs" from Saint Peterburg also visited us.

And a delegation from Brazil, which included representatives of the administration and business community of the state of Paraná, whose leadership is looking for solutions to implement a major infrastructure project.
SkyWay project announced the transition to stage 13
SkyWay Group of Companies announced the successful completion of the 12th stage of development and the transition to the 13th stage, which will happen on December 26, 2018.

The transition to the new phase was made possible thanks to a number of achievements. First of all, cooperation with representatives of the business community and the authorities of the United Arab Emirates has reached a new level.

The plans for the 13th stage are expansion of the project abroad and further development of transport, energy and informational technologies.
Building the SkyWay Innovation Center in Sharjah, UAE
Preparations for construction in the UAE began in spring of 2018, but Anatoli Yunitski has cut the festive ribbon of official start only in the fall.

As part of the preparatory work, the most complex comprehensive project of SkyWay Innovation Center in tropical design was being created, including three test tracks, cargo and passenger rolling stock, as well as second-level infrastructure — stations, depots, turnouts, intelligent system of safety, control, power supply and communications.

At the same time, we passed numerous approvals and coordination with local authorities, placed orders for construction and installation works, equipment and special structures not only in the UAE, but also in several countries on several continents.
A new stage in the development of string transport is the construction of the SkyWay Innovation Center, or SWIC, in Sharjah, UAE.

It will become a research and production center, or techno-hub, where urban and cargo transport complexes will be presented. It is planned to test and certify new vehicles and technologies there, and also have its own production, scientific and technical base.

A complete string transportation system with full infrastructure will be implemented, not just demonstration and test sections.

Creation of SWIC in the hot desert is dictated by the purpose to demonstrate SkyWay technology in completely different climatic conditions.

An expanded transport park will be presented: new modules of the urban and cargo complex — unicar-T and unicont, respectively.

An Academy will be created on the basis of the American University of Sharjah, in which specialists will be trained to create the transport of the future.

SkyWay was presented to the Crown Prince of Dubai and the Emir of Sharjah.
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, has reviewed SkyWay transport technology during his visit to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, where the Head of the agency Mattar Al Tayer explained him the advantages of string technologies.

As Mattar Al Tayer pointed out, SkyWay will use 100 times less land area compared to conventional modes of transport with similar throughput capacity. At the same time, SkyWay transport modules are 5 times more efficient than electric cars and require 10 times less infrastructure than traditional public transport systems.

Anatoli Yunitski was awarded the International Peace Prize of Slovakia
A solemn presentation of the Slovak International Peace Prize took place in Bratislava in December. The prize winners are people who have made a significant contribution to the cause of peace, improvement of humankind’s living conditions, ensuring security with non-violent methods, and also contributed to the all-round development of civilization — human society, certain nations and countries around the world.

"We must think boldly and apply solutions that seemed impossible to us yesterday. If in order to save the planet we need to create an alternative to cars with an internal combustion engine, this must be done now. If for the future of mankind, industries should be brought out into the near-earth orbit, developments in this direction should be started as soon as possible."

Anatoli Yunitski
General Designer
The forthcoming year will be even more difficult and interesting. The SkyWay team has new world-class goals and objectives that will require even more effort, creativity and team spirt.

We will be guided in the new year by such features as responsibility, professionalism, determination and sense of purpose.

Who, if not us?
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